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About Brianna

Brianna has been singing and acting on stage for over 20 years. Developing a character and bringing it to life for an audience has always fed her creative soul. You can often find her performing on stage with various theaters in DFW.

She started her voice acting journey in 2013 and fell in love with the art and challenge of bringing words to life in a natural and interesting way. She made her anime debut in 2018 and has voiced characters in many shows since then. She is best known for voicing Arthur Pencilgon/Towa in Shangri-La Frontier, Sakura in Urusei Yatsura, Hyura in Helck, Capt. Kayoko Huang in Fire Force, Miranjo in Ranking of Kings, Galette in One Piece, Yuriko Tsumura in Smile Down the Runway and Grammi in Fairy Tail to name a few. She has also lent her voice to titles such as My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket, Attack on Titan, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Sweet Reincarnation, Ayaka, The Eminence in Shadow and many more! You can also hear her in video games such as Kaida in Diablo IV, Belvedance in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and Sea Nymph Sol, Crystal Gaze Medusa and Ragnarok Hera in the video game SMITE. . Additionally, she is an audiobook narrator.

She holds a Communications Degree in Digital Media and has worked in the industry in many different roles; actor, producer, photographer and talent agent. She's gained a rounded view of the industry based on her experience in various positions. She is easy to work with and strives for excellence in all she does. 

Outside of voice acting and theatre, Brianna likes reading, photography, being out in nature and horses. She also loves marine biology and considers herself an amateur aquarist and enjoys caring for her 60 gallon tank of tropical fish.  She also particularly loves chocolate chip cookies, waffles and coffee.

© Brianna Roberts
© Brianna Roberts
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